Our journey through stages of building a boat starts with idea, which is transfered into 3D model by designer in specialized software.

Thanks to design technologies NURBS we are able to obtain any shape of hull. It is needed to remember that only limit we have is material – aluminium sheet, which makes necessity of using combo/straght plane in modeling. In designing we are also using software that gives us possibility of making photorealistic visualizations through giving textures and using light.

When the model is finally ready we start cutting elements from alluminium sheets. We are using plasma cutting machine CNC, precision of cuts with plasma HD burner is very good. 

Aluminium material used by our company (hydronalium alloy) meets all of the UE requirements in the field of materials using for yacht building. Cutted elements are signed to make identyfication easier and accelerate putting togheter pieces. Montage is done by preliminary point connecting and welding aluminium sheets and profile pieces. On this stage connecting sheets is made by automatic MIG welding. After all the elements are already mounted next step is final welding. All the pieces which are going to be below the waterline are welted by TIG method with solid tungsten electrode in an argon environment. This kind of welding provides the best quality of seams and tightness.

Last stage od creating the hull is renovation of surface, especially, if the boat stays unpainted. Many customers want to boast of their boat and expect, that only one catch of an eye is enough to be sure it is an aluminium boat, not just unstable laminate (GPR) one.


Last stage of building boat is montage of equipment and driving gear. We install mechanical or hydraulic steering. We use diesel engines (Vetus, Nanni, Marine, Beta), and also outboard engines (Mercury, Suzuki, Honda, Johnson)
Of course we could install every engine choosen by the customer. You are welcome to our production facility! Here we can present all of our technologies and works, and also answer all of your question. We are waiting for you here!