EX Series

EX 420

  • Length 4.15 m
  • Width 1.82 m
  • Capacity 630 kg
  • Hull shape Flat Bottom
  • Project category CE-C
  • Hull / bottom thickness [mm] 3/3
  • Immersion without propeller [m] 0.20
  • Engine power range [hp] 25
  • Hull weight [kg] 280
  • Crew limit 6
  • Transom height L

The flat-bottom aluminum boat EX420 is designed with water professionals in mind, offering a practical and functional vessel. However, it also serves as a simple fishing boat. Based on this design, we create boats for carp fishing enthusiasts. The hull is made from marine-grade AW EN 5754 aluminum and is double-sided welded, ensuring durability and easy maintenance.

The EX420 features one front locker and two side lockers in the rear. All are equipped with stainless steel locks with an anti-vibration closing system. Additionally, the deck is made of ribbed sheet metal, which is anti-slip and easy to maintain.

Moreover, the boat is equipped with railings and four foldable cleats made of polished stainless steel. These provide necessary comfort and functionality during use.

With possible options like a central console with a windshield, a foldable targa, a removable bench, a work table, and a foldable front ladder this boat provides versatile use. In both professional rescue operations and amateur use on the water, such as fishing.

In conclusion, the EX420, with its design and additional options, is ideally suited as a work boat, rescue boat, and fishing boat. It offers reliability and comfort in use.

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