Our Boats

3m 13.5m
1m 4.5m
  • Engine power 20 - 50 hp
  • Length 3 - 6 m
  • Hull shape Flat Bottom

The EX series are flat-bottomed boats characterized by high stability, even higher payload capacity and simple design. When designing, special attention was paid to finding the golden mean between functionality and construction cost, while maintaining high quality workmanship.

These are boats that are perfect for a wide variety of work on the water. They are used by many types of services operating on the water, including divers, water guards, border guards and construction teams erecting or operating water structures. There is a wide selection of models of various sizes, equipped with specialized components such as under-bottom wheels or fish feed tanks, as well as models made specifically for divers working underwater.

  • Engine power 25 - 50 hp
  • Length 4 - 5 m
  • Hull shape V-shape

The FishHawk Series – high-quality fishing boats that embody the perfect blend of functionality and modern design. Created for the most demanding fishing enthusiasts, even the smallest units in this series feature a self-draining deck and a rod locker, ensuring comfort and safety during fishing trips.

The V-shaped hulls, made of marine-grade aluminum, along with the precision of craftsmanship, make these fishing boats an ideal choice for inland anglers seeking quality and ease of use.

Stay tuned for more models coming soon in the FishHawk Series!

  • Engine power 25 - 250 hp
  • Length 4 - 6 m
  • Hull shape V-shaped

The PikeHunter series was developed in collaboration with Rheinlandboote.de – a distributor of the highest quality fishing equipment and operator of fishing campsites in Germany and the Netherlands. The combination of a passion for fishing and experience in designing and producing high-quality aluminum boats with the latest finishing technologies has resulted in a series of exceptional fishing boats.

Their main purpose is fishing in inland and bay waters, but they also serve well as recreational boats. They feature a range of characteristics specifically developed for fans of various types of fishing, as well as for use in nearly any body of water. In this series, you will find small, stable, and spacious boats, as well as really fast BASS-type hulls.

The PH series is continuously being developed, and undoubtedly, further modifications, upgraded versions, and new models will soon be introduced.

  • Engine power 300 - 900 hp
  • Lenght 12.5
  • Hull shape RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat)
  • Engine power 60 - 250 hp
  • Length 5.9 - 7.5 m
  • Hull shape Deep V-shaped

The SH series is a collection of boats designed for both bay and open water cruising. Compared to the PH series, it features a larger deadrise angle and higher sides. Of course, SH series boats will also perform well on sheltered waters and lakes.

The hull with a deeper V significantly improves sea bravery, while still maintaining good stability and ease of entry into the slip. SH are boats dedicated to fishing as well as recreation. Some models are multifunctional like the SH590. As with most of our boats, there is the possibility to modify the body and equipment to meet the customer’s expectations.

  • Engine power 25 - 500 hp
  • Length 4.5 - 8 m
  • Hull shape Płaskodenna
  • Engine power 65 - 600 hp
  • Length 5.5 - 9 m
  • Hull shape Deep V-shape

The TRV series is the perfect workboats for sea and bay operations, featuring a deep-V hull shape. All models are characterized by a spacious deck, a wide bow above the waterline, and a fast and stable shape underwater. Most models have opening bow doors and cabins, that are design according to customer requirements. A broad range of deck set up options – from cargo securing brackets, cranes, foldable benches to comfortable upholstered sofas or rows of seats, allows each unit to be customized to the unique needs of the client. With customization options, these boats can become the perfect combination of a work vessel with recreational functionality.

TRV series boats are often used in harsh polar conditions and can operate even beyond the Arctic Circle, as well as on the Mediterranean Sea with Bimini and sundecks for pure recreation.

Versions with opening bow doors are designated as LC.

  • Engine power 50 - 150 hp
  • Length 5.7 - 6.6 m
  • Hull shape Multihull

The TRXV boat series is a unique proposition for those seeking exceptional stability and performance on the water. Their hulls are based on a modified 2V catamaran or 3V trimaran shape, which provides even greater stability than the TRV series. Thanks to this, these boats are perfect for continuous work on the water. Additionally, the reduced resistance of the hulls allows for better performance with less engine power. This unique combination of stability and efficiency is something that demanding users will appreciate.