PikeHunter Series

PikeHunter 400

  • Length 3.89 m
  • Width 1.75 m
  • Capacity 350 kg
  • Hull shape V-shape
  • Project category CE-C
  • Hull / bottom thickness [mm] 3/4
  • Immersion without propeller [m] 0.20
  • Engine power range [hp] 50
  • Hull weight [kg] 270
  • Crew limit 3
  • Transom height L

The PikeHunter400 is the smallest boat in the PH series. Despite its small size, the boat offers a spacious self-draining deck, with an optional console and 4 spacious lockers providing many possibilities – both for amateurs and professional fishermen.

The classic hull shape of the Pike Hunter400 allows it to reach speeds of over 40 km/h with just 25 HP. The V-shaped bottom means that this model performs well in all inland waters – with its shallow draft, even shallow waters are not a problem. For the convenience of fishermen, the PikeHunter400 is equipped with foldable cleats, which do not interfere with casting rods, and finishes with specialized marine vinyl and loopless, waterproof carpeting – from a top American manufacturer. Additionally, it has a proprietary solution for mounting bow motors – a special bow plate.

The PikeHunter400 is a compact, but versatile boat, ideal for beginners, and professionals who appreciate the small size and traditional shape.

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