RIB Series

RIB 1250

  • Length 12.5 m
  • Width 3.12 m
  • Capacity 4800 kg
  • Hull shape RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat)
  • Grubość burt / dna [mm] 5/6
  • Zanurzenie bez śruby [m] 0.70
  • Max. moc silnika [hp] 3x450
  • Waga kadłuba [kg] 3950
  • Limit załogi 16
  • Wysokość pawęży XL/UL

The RIB 1250 surprises with its size and capabilities. With a length of 12.5 meters, this model combines power and elegance. Its aluminum deep-V hull ensures excellent maneuverability and smooth wave handling in open waters. Ideal for speed enthusiasts, it can be equipped with engines up to 900 HP, achieving impressive speeds, though it performs well even with a 300 HP engine.

For those who value functionality, the RIB 1250 offers various deck layout options. Choose between a cruiser or a boat with a sundeck and comfortable sofas, perfect for recreational trips, and a fast cargo transporter version. A modified steering console and built-in aluminum fuel tank further argue for this unit’s remarkable functionality.

Durable tubes made of certified hypalon guarantee the quality sought by professionals. Additionally, thanks to thoughtful mounting handles, they can be easily detached in case of damage. When the tubes are deflated, the boat’s width reduces to below 2.5 meters, making the RIB 1250 not only powerful on the water but also practical on land. Despite its large size, it is easy to transport.

Therefore, the RIB 1250 is an excellent choice for those looking for durability, speed, and versatility. Whether you plan fast rides with passengers, relaxation on the water, or a reliable work tool, this model will meet your expectations.

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