SH Series

SH 590

  • Length 5.97 m
  • Width 2.35 m
  • Capacity 500 kg
  • Hull shape Deep V-Shape
  • Grubość burt / dna [mm] 4/4
  • Zanurzenie bez śruby [m] 0.30
  • Masa kadłuba [kg] 720
  • Ładowność [kg] 500
  • Limit załogi 5
  • Wysokość pawęży L

The SH590 is a versatile aluminum boat – perfect for open sea waters and bays. Its hull, double-sided welded from high-quality aluminum resistant to marine corrosion, along with various layout options, make this vessel suitable as both a fishing and a recreational boat.

A self-draining deck, stable construction, and reinforced keel make it an exceptionally safe boat. The deep V hull shape ensures maneuverability and stability on the open water waves.

Available with a wide range of finishing options – from spacious carpet-lined lockers to a sundeck and comfortable benches. Whether you’re looking for a fishing boat for bays and seas or a recreational boat for family outings, the SH590 excels in every situation!

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