SH Series

SH 750

  • Length 7.35 m
  • Width 2.50 m
  • Capacity 1000 kg
  • Hull shape Deep V-Shape
  • Grubość burt / dna [mm] 4/6
  • Zanurzenie bez śruby [m] 0.40
  • Max. moc silnika [hp] 250
  • Masa kadłuba [kg] 1200
  • Limit załogi 6
  • Wysokość pawęży L

The SH750 model is the largest aluminum boat in the SH series, designed for maritime adventure enthusiasts who need a reliable, safe, and durable unit for exploring open waters. With a length of over 7.5 meters and a solid construction from corrosion-resistant aluminum, the SH750 is the ideal choice, combining efficiency, stability, functionality, and comfort.

The double-welded, durable hull not only ensures exceptional durability but also guarantees stability even on rough sea waves. The deep deadrise of the hull allows the boat to smoothly navigate through waves, increasing safety and comfort. Designed with maximum safety and efficiency in mind, the SH750 is perfectly suited for use in various maritime conditions, from calm coastal waters to open seas. With plate thickness adjusted to usage conditions, this boat will even perform well in ice-covered bays.

The SH750 offers a spacious deck that can be easily adapted to the user’s needs, providing convenience and functionality both during work and recreation. Control console options include open and sheltered versions, and even a fully enclosed cabin, allowing for optimal space utilization and protection against harsh weather conditions.

With its construction and configuration possibilities, the SH750 is ideal not only as a work boat for professionals but also as a reliable companion for sea fishing expeditions and those who value recreation on the open sea.

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