TRV Series

TRV 900 LC

  • Length 9.10 m
  • Width 2.54 m
  • Capacity 2000 kg
  • Hull shape V-shape
  • Project category CE-C
  • Hull / bottom thickness [mm] 4/5
  • Immersion without propeller [m] 0.35
  • Engine power range [hp] 600
  • Hull weight [kg] 1900
  • Crew limit 8
  • Transom height XL/2xL

TRV 900 LC is a professional work boat measuring 9m in length, designed for use in coastal waters and bays. Made from corrosion-resistant aluminum, it guarantees durability and resilience. The hull’s underwater part is V-shaped, while the wide above-water section offers a spacious deck – with many configuration possibilities. From a full-width cabin at the rear to rows of seats or a crane at the bow. Additionally, the TRV 900 LC work boat’s design allows for convenient road transport.

The 9m professional work boat TRV 900 LC features a classic V-hull design, just like the other boats in the TRV series, ensuring it performs well even on rougher waters. Equipped with watertight buoyancy chambers, it provides additional safety and significantly increases load capacity. Moreover, the customization options also include the choice of fuel tank size and the thickness of the hull and bottom plating, from 4 mm to 8 mm, for increased resistance and durability.

Therefore, the TRV 900 LC is the ideal solution for a wide range of professional maritime applications. Like the TRV 900 W LC, it is suited for everything from underwater installation maintenance to rescue operations, while also offering the simplicity of land transport. This 9-meter work boat can be adapted to meet the needs of every user, making it the perfect choice for professionals.

Offers for boats from the TRV series are prepared based on specific customer requirements. Contact us – we will build a boat tailored to your needs.

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