TRXV Series


  • Length 5.73 m
  • Width 2.52 m
  • Capacity 1000 kg
  • Hull shape Multihull
  • Project category CE-C
  • Hull / bottom thickness [mm] 3/4
  • Immersion without propeller [m] 0.25
  • Engine power range [hp] 150
  • Hull weight [kg] 800
  • Crew limit 6
  • Transom height L

Introducing our flagship catamarn work boat from the TRXV series, featuring a robust hull design. Engineered with a hybrid bottom – a fusion of a wide hull and the Fox sled model, this boat delivers exceptional performance and versatility.

One of the standout features of this vessel is its spacious deck, providing ample room for equipment, cargo, and crew members. Whether you’re a team of divers, water workers, or rescue services, this boat is designed to meet your diverse needs.

The combination of a stable hull and the hybrid bottom ensures superior stability, allowing for confident navigation even in challenging conditions. The easy gliding capability enables swift acceleration, making it effortless to reach optimal speeds. The power-to-speed ratio of the engine is optimally balanced, providing efficient propulsion and remarkable performance on the water.

A key advantage of this work boat is the presence of forward-opening bow doors, enhancing its versatility for a wide range of applications. These doors facilitate seamless access to the boat, making it ideal for tasks requiring quick ingress and egress. It has become a popular choice among dive teams, water workers, and rescue services due to its adaptability and reliability.

Designed to excel in various scenarios, this vessel embodies the essence of a true workhorse. Its robust construction, combined with its advanced features, ensures dependable performance and longevity. Whether it’s underwater exploration, water-based operations, or emergency response missions, this versatile boat rises to the occasion.

Experience the unparalleled quality and functionality of our work boats. They embodie a harmonious blend of cutting-edge design, engineering prowess, and user-centric features. Discover the boundless possibilities that await you with remarkable vessels, where performance, versatility, and reliability converge to redefine your on-water endeavors.

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