TRXV Series


  • Length 6.63 m
  • Width 2.44 m
  • Capacity 1100 kg
  • Hull shape Multihull
  • Project category CE-C
  • Hull / bottom thickness [mm] 3/4
  • Immersion without propeller [m] 0.35
  • Engine power range [hp] 150
  • Hull weight [kg] 960
  • Crew limit 8
  • Transom height L

We present our largest workboat from this series, TRXV 660 2VL, a longer and more powerful version of its counterpart, TRXV 570 2VLC. Thanks to its reinforced construction designed to withstand the most demanding conditions, this workboat is built to easily meet the toughest challenges.

One of the standout features of the TRXV 660 2VL is the increased deck space and wider bow doors, enabling easy loading directly from the shore. Whether it’s large loads, ATVs, mini excavators, or other heavy equipment, this workboat provides the necessary space and convenience for efficient transport.

The TRXV 660 2VL features a solid hull design, combining the best aspects of a wide hull and the Fox sled model. Such a combination ensures exceptional stability and versatility, facilitating professionals’ work on the water.

Ease of gliding allows for quick acceleration, effortlessly reaching optimal speeds. The engine power to rotational speed ratio is optimally balanced, providing efficient propulsion and remarkable performance on the water.

Another key advantage of this workboat is the presence of opening bow doors, increasing the versatility of applications. The gates provide hassle-free access to the boat, making it perfectly suited for tasks requiring quick and efficient loading and unloading. As a result, it has become a popular choice among divers, water workers, and rescue services. Its solid construction and advanced features ensure reliable performance and durability, making it an ideal companion for underwater exploration, water work, and rescue missions.

Discover the unmatched quality and functionality of our workboats. The TRXV series combines state-of-the-art construction, engineering efficiency, and user-oriented features, offering exceptional boats that redefine performance, versatility, and reliability on the water.

Explore the limitless possibilities that await you with our extraordinary workboats, where performance, versatility, and reliability come together to redefine water work anew.

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